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Meet Juli

Creativity has always been an integral part of who I am. I can't remember a moment in my life where I haven't been drawn to create. Whether this is clothing, crafts, or anything else - hunting out overlooked materials and moulding these into something beautiful is at the core of my being.


Growing up, I studied fashion and worked for Starfish, a clothing designer in Wellington. I then traveled for a few years before launching my very own brand.  Today, I'm based in Waikanae on the Kapiti Coast of Wellington, New Zealand. We have a store, workroom, and studio where all the magic happens!

I call myself a hunter and collector of all things beautiful. I'm always searching for new fabrics, buttons, and linens in garage sales and second-hand shops. I use these preloved products to make new eco-friendly things to wear, use, and love. Recycling, upcycling, and minimizing waste are the foundation of my work.

I am proud to be a Living Wage employer.


Workroom Manager

With a mother who was a dress-maker and a grandmother who was a tailor, one could say Marion is continuing a family tradition. Originally from Wellington, at the age of just 15 she began a coveted apprenticeship with renown Wellington fashion designer Ashley Fogel at Ninon Modes. Marion eventually moved on to work for Roland Wimmers followed by work with Uta Griffon before deciding to work from home while raising her family.


Marion joined team at in early 2016. Coming from an established life-long passion for supporting made-in-New Zealand designs and clothing, Marion’s approach blends seamlessly with the eco-friendly philosophy here at Juli Hunter's!



Holly is our manufacturing cutter. She expertly lays out fabrics and cuts them to our patterns so that each piece can be perfectly sewn together. Holly also makes squabs and cushion covers, alters curtains, and does everything of the like. She enjoys working with chunky pieces like upholstery and soft furnishing, as well as upcycling existing garments. Holly has been working here working with us for 9 years.



Sherrilyn is our out-worker who works in her own space at home. She beautifully sews Juli Hunter label pieces that we send her from our workroom. She’s a highly experienced seamstress who works for several New Zealand designers, and in the past has worked in the film industry, making costumes. 


Sherrilyn loves working with different fabrics, turning 2D fabric into 3D creations. She’s been sewing for 40 years, beginning in London when she saw an ad in a shop window. She eventually returned to New Zealand and worked for World in the early 90s. Since then she contract sews for four to six NZ designers at any one time. 


When Sherrilyn isn’t sewing, she’s a passionate artist. She loves working with different mediums and colours, and gained a diploma through The Learning Connection. 



Kaitlyn is our publicist. She’s a proofreader and copywriter, who also happens to be super passionate about the environment. She takes our photos, uploads our products online, and writes our monthly newsletter. Her favourite part of the job is getting the first peek at all our gorgeous new products and then writing about how fantastic they are!

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