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From clothing repairs to bespoke pieces, we provide a wide range of services to help you love your clothes in a sustainable way.

Alterations & Repairs

We love working on your favourite pieces to make them work perfectly for you. Whether a garment just doesn't fit right or if something has gone amiss, we can help out. Simply bring your garments into our store or contact us to see how we can help.

Sewing Lessons

Sharing the skill of sewing is something we are passionate about! Whether you're a beginner just starting off or you've got more experience under your belt, we have classes for everyone. We can also offer advice and help for any special projects you may have.

Made-to-measurE & Bespoke

Made-to-measure refers to clothing that is sewn from a standard-sized base pattern, especially to fit you. A tailored suit is a common example of this kind of garment. However, made-to-measure isn't just limited to clothes! Cushions, bags, pillows, and throws are also popular requests.

We also love creating pieces from scratch. These are called bespoke pieces and they entirely unique; perfect for a special occasion! Have a chat to us if you have a special design in mind, and we will work out magic to bring it to life.


Juli Hunter products are proudly stocked in several retail stores around New Zealand. I love working with stockists to provide sustainable clothing, accessories, and homewares across the country.


Is your wardrobe overflowing, but nothing feels right? I love nothing more than curating a wardrobe to be perfect and loved!

With a Juli Eye personal wardrobe consultation, I will go through your wardrobe with you and make sure that your clothes complement your figure, style, and lifestyle, leaving you with a functional and unique collection.


I will also alter and repair any treasured pieces. Sometimes your clothing just needs a bit of a nip here and a tuck there to make it work for your unique style and shape. Or simply raising the hemline could change the proportion of a beloved dress and hey presto! It now works beautifully for your body shape.

Having been in the fashion industry since I was 14 when I worked with Konstantina Moutos during the school holidays, I have a real flair for developing women's personal styles and understanding different body shapes. And I have not looked back since then! Fashion is a part of me and I believe that we all have our own unique style, it's just a matter of bringing it out . . . book here!

haberdashery and recycled clothing

We sell haberdashery, as well as end-of-season, recycled, and vintage clothing over in our workroom and in our Trade Me store

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