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February 2022 Newsletter

Hi there team, Happy February to you all. I hope you've had a refreshing first month of the year. This year has had its ups and downs already. With the recently announced red light setting, many small businesses are taking yet another blow from the pandemic. It has been two long years with so much stress, uncertainty, and worry. Each day, some unlucky small businesses close their doors for the last time because they cannot sustain the waves. It's scary to worry about how you will pay your staff, keep the lights on, and be able to pay for your own bills. And so I encourage you now more than ever - if you have the means to support small businesses, please do. Whether it's buying your fruit and veggies from a farmer's market, heading to an independent bookstore, picking out a handmade gift, or choosing NZ-made clothing - it all helps to keep a real person from your community afloat. Chooice and Felt are good places to start if you're looking for NZ-made homewares, clothing, or gifts. I don't know what tomorrow or next week or next month will bring, but what I am certain of is this: our small business community has each other's backs. We share the highs and the lows. The heartbreak of every neighbour, friend, and family member that has to close down is felt by us all, and my heart goes out to everyone in this situation. Sending positive thoughts to everyone,

As promised, to say a big thank you to you all, I'm doing an exclusive discount code for my newsletter readers every month. For today only, we have 20% off all recycled denim oven cloths. They are usually $49, and are now down to $39.20. Use the code "OVENCLOTHSYESPLEASE" at the checkout. Only available at, until 8:00pm NZT Wednesday 2nd Febuary, 2022.

I've probably said this before, but op shops are true treasure troves! I find most fabrics for my drape dungarees at my local Birthright Charity shop (amazing, amazing people there!), and the rest is from the depths of my fabric stash. I've made a handful of new colourways, all fun and bold. I'm also really pleased to now offer size large (18 - 22), and we currently have these in khaki and geometric rainbow. Enjoy!

A while back I posted on social media about a large "pickle duck" clutch that I made, and was surprised at how many people were interested! It sold really quickly, leaving some disappointed. I have since made another, this time a medium pickle duck clutch, and so if anyone missed out last time - here's your chance!

And to end with, I wanted to share this fantastic article from last October about how to support your local small businesses. It basically boils down to having a look around your local area, intentional purchasing, using websites that highlight NZ-made, and supporting your favourite businesses online.


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