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Recycled Denim Shopping Bag
  • Recycled Denim Shopping Bag

    Our denim shopping bags are sustainably made from upcycled jeans.


    Unwanted denim from our local opportunity shops is lovingly washed, cut, and pieced together with skill and flair to make gorgeous, “new” denim fabric. The fabric is then cut into several bags. This means that each bag is gorgeously crafted from several pairs of jeans - no two are the same! It doesn’t get more unique (or more sustainable) than this.


    Our upcycled denim shopping bags are perfect for whenever you need a bag on the go. Whether you’re heading out shopping, to a market, flower foraging, on a library visit, or out to a picnic - these denim shopping bags have got you covered in sustainable style!


    These bags can fold up small, so are perfect for popping into a handbag or leaving in your car. They are also machine washable. 


    Measurements are as follows (please note, these are approximate):

    Length 47 cm
    Width 42 cm


    Black denim only.

    Please note that each bag is original and no two are the same.


    Proudly made on the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand. 


    “Thank you. Cute bag and arrived fast!”

      $29.00 Regular Price
      $19.00Sale Price
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