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Lilac Daisy w. White Band High-Waisted Undies
  • Lilac Daisy w. White Band High-Waisted Undies

    These undies will make you want to dance, sing, and shout about how awesome they are!


    They are comfy, soft, and funky. The fabric is bamboo spandex from Juli's amazing fabric stash. It has been given a new chance to shine and is diverted from landfill.


    These undies are high-waisted, so they are wonderfully snug and offer full coverage. Perfect for wearing every day and designed to last for years to come! Are these the world’s best undies or what?


    Measurements (please note, these are approximate):

    S (8 - 12) SOLD OUT

    Length: 28 cmWaist: 60 cmHips: 74 cm


    XL (20 - 22)

    Length: 36 cmWaist: 71 cmHips: 93 cm


    Lilac daisy w. white band colourway.


    Proudly made on the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand.


    “They're super stretchy, soft, and comfortable and they most certainly do not ride up your bum! Knickers are something that I do buy new and not from op shops, and now that I have found an alternative to big brand knickers, I'll always own these instead!”


    Please note, we cannot accept underwear returns due to hygiene reasons.

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