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Mystery Silk Scrunchies 2 Pack
  • Mystery Silk Scrunchies 2 Pack

    A mystery pack of two scrunchies - perfect as a gift.


    Scrunchies are back in - and to stay this time! Bold, colourful, and all sorts of zesty goodness. You just can’t help but love them!


    If you need a fun way to spice up your regular ponytail or bun, then look no further than our gorgeous, upcycled hair accessories. Our scrunchies even look great just sitting on your wrist. 


    These are made from 100% silk offcuts, saving these little odds and ends from landfill. Got to love how even hair accessories can be zero waste!


    Silk also has numerous benefits for your hair. It doesn't absorb moisture as cotton does, so your hair is less likely to break and frizz. It also doesn't crease or dent your hair, and you can even sleep comfortably with these scrunchies in! 


    Please note, the scrunchies in each mystery pack are random. They will likely differ from those pictures.


    Proudly made on the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand.


    “Thanks heaps!! Arrived in such quick time and beautifully presented - perfect!”

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