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Singlet Dress
  • Singlet Dress

    Made-to-order: please note that our singlet dresses are made-to-order and may take up to 1 week to create for you.


    Our singlet dress is one that you’ll find yourself returning to time and time again.


    It’s a sleek and incredibly versatile staple that can be styled in multiple ways.


    It makes for luxurious nightwear or a flattering undergarment. It is also an elegant, classic little black dress on its own for spring and summer.


    This dress is New Zealand-made from tip to toe, using locally made cotton spandex and elastic. This makes it comfy, stretchy, and a true piece of New Zealand fashion!


    Our singlet dress is available in sizes 8 - 18. It looks good on everyone, and you just can’t help but love it!


    Measurements are as follows (please note, these are approximate only):

    All sizes are 99 cm from shoulder to hem

    Size 8

    Bust 81 cm
    Waist 82 cm


    Size 10

    Bust 86 cm
    Waist 88 cm


    Size 12
    Bust 89 cm
    Waist 91 cm


    Size 14
    Bust 94 cm
    Waist 96 cm
    Length 99 cm


    Size 16
    Bust 101 cm
    Waist 103 cm


    Size 18
    Bust 104 cm
    Waist 106 cm
    Length 99 cm


    Proudly made on the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand.


    “I feel sexy in this dress!”

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