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Recycled Denim Oven Cloth
  • Recycled Denim Oven Cloth

    Our oven cloths are sustainably made from upcycled jeans. Unwanted denim from our local opportunity shops is lovingly washed, cut, and pieced together with skill and flair to make gorgeous, “new” denim fabric. The fabric is then cut into several oven cloths. This means that each oven cloth is gorgeously crafted from several pairs of jeans - no two are the same! It doesn’t get more unique (or more sustainable) than this.


    Each oven cloth also has a heat-resistant wool interior to protect your hands. The wool interior is made from upcycled wool blankets, found at our local recycling stations and opportunity shops.


    There is also a loop to hang up the oven cloth.


    Measurements are as follows (please note, these are approximate):
    Length 69 cm
    Width 20 cm


    Blue and black denim colourways are available. Please note, the binding is random and may differ from what is pictured.


    Proudly made on the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand.


    “More fantastic oven cloths from Juli - all patchworked so quickly and beautifully. Very addicted.”

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