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Reversible Patchwork Linen Top (Cream)
  • Reversible Patchwork Linen Top (Cream)

    Each patchwork linen top is a completely unique labor of love.


    I have collected linen offcuts over many years, and have worked them into this ebb and flow of colours and patterns that complement each other. 


    One of the key features of this garment is that it's designed to be worn in a plethora of ways. Wear it any way you like, and enjoy how you can shift the fit to suit different days, moods, and occasions. The top is reversible, so you can wear it either way, while the sleeves can be drawn up to your elbows or worn long. You can also gather the waist in or wear it loose, at both the front and back of the garment. The sides can also be drawn in or relaxed, creating either a more fitting shape or a graceful fall.


    Approximate measurements:
    93 cm length (ungathered)
    124 cm waist (ungathered)

    One size fits most.


    Cream detailing colourway. Please note, every top is slightly different.


    Proudly made on the Kāpiti Coast, New Zealand.

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