Juli Hunter Eco Friendly Style

How It All Began

"Eco Friendly Style" began when Juli wanted to be resourceful.  Her main reason was to support New Zealand.  Importing clothing, fabrics and notions from other countries, no longer sat right with her.  "If we don't support each other, it's not sustainable for New Zealand and New Zealanders

Our Philosophy

We try to use as many New Zealand made products as we can, including elastic, tapes & bias binding etc.  We up cycle existing garments and recycle household linens.  We source fabrics, threads, buttons etc from second hand stores etc to reuse.

Our Products

We love to repair garments to keep them going for years longer & we love to fit people in the clothing they have just bought. We also take great pride in making a garment from start to finish for our clients, making the inside just as beautiful as the outside

Trading Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, Sat 10am-2pm