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October 2021 Newsletter:

Hello lovely people!

I have lots of exciting creations up my sleeve that I cannot wait to share with you soon, so keep your eyes peeled! Bold and bright prints, fabrics from my glorious stash, and plenty of New Zealand-made goodness. There's just something about spring that gets the creativity flowing, right?


Mask madness continues . . .

Our masks are still selling like hotcakes! Along with our solid colour masks, we now also have a range of prints both in-store and online, all for only $15. We're always adding new styles, so keep checking back. We also can adjust your mask in-store for you if it doesn't fit quite right, so feel free to come see us.


Cotton Spandex dress sale - now only $148!

$50 off for October only!

Our cotton spandex dress is one that should be in every wardrobe. It's perfect for enjoying every day, as it's easy to dress up or down. Pair it with a chic jacket, a chunky necklace, flats or heels, and you're good to go!

Usually $198, this sale is for the month of October for orders through our website only.


A little black dress, perfect for spring!

Our spaghetti dress is fun, sleek, and perfect for spring and summer nights. It is made from surplus Levana cotton spandex fabric. Levana was the last remaining fabric manufacturer in the whole of New Zealand, just up the road in Levin. Our cotton spandex dresses are made from this Levana fabric too, making these garments true pieces of New Zealand fashion history, through and through! At only $89, it's a wonderful, affordable piece for the warmer seasons.


Ethically Kate encourages us to truly cherish our clothes.

Image credit: FashioNZ

New Zealand's queen of sustainable living, Ethically Kate, recently shared a video about how awesome it is to love your clothes so much that you wear them over and over.

There's no need to have a new outfit for every occasion when you love what you already own. If you're thinking about buying something new, try to be intentional about it. How will you style it? Is it versatile? Practical? Made to last? Although you might spend a bit more on something that you really love, it works out in the long run because you can wear it as much as you please!

We really value cherishing and loving your clothes here at Juli Hunter's. You don't need to have a massive wardrobe or the most expensive labels. Just having a few choices that you cherish and can enjoy time and time again is all you need. Really.

Stay safe,


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