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July 2021 Newsletter: Merino Gloves Sale, Wool Jackets, and Recycled Textiles.

At Juli Hunter Eco Friendly Style, we are passionate about moving away from the traditional take-make-use-waste way of thinking about products. We consistently strive to find new uses for materials that would normally be sent to landfill. We see value and find treasure in what others see as waste. This value not only benefits the environment, but our customers as well. By reusing and upcycling materials, we create bespoke and sustainable products that are also affordable. We also sell pre-loved items in our store, giving you the opportunity to own beautiful garments without the harmful cost to the environment.

Whether you’re after a beautiful pre-loved piece, a new garment made from upcycled materials, or something bespoke, we would love to help you out. Pop into our store in Mahara Place, Waikanae, to find a sustainable treasure that takes your fancy. If you’re after a particular colour or print combination, we’re happy to tailor something especially for you. Remember to subscribe to our mailing list to keep up to date with our gorgeous new products.

July Sale! Merino gloves only $20 a pair This month’s special offer is a website-only deal on our soft and cozy merino gloves. Grab a pair (or five; they make great gifts too) for only $20, marked down from $35. Please note that this is an online special only, so make sure you head to our website to check them out.

Get all rugged up with one of our dashing wool jackets It’s official, winter is here! Even though there’s no escaping the wind and chilly temperatures, you can still have fun no matter the season. Our gorgeous wool jackets are playful, dapper, and toasty warm. They are perfect for cool evenings, a casual night out, or dressed up for something a bit more formal. They have a soft wool suiting lining to keep you extra cozy and are exquisitely tailored for a flattering fit. These jackets are true investment pieces that you will enjoy for many winters to come; you may even look forward to the coldest time of the year! Take your pick from grey tartan, duck egg blue, or yellow tartan.

A little black dress that’s chic and practical Some dresses only get worn once in a blue moon, so why not go for a dress you can enjoy every day? Our black merino dress is elegant, comfortable, and warm. What more could you ask for? It has a waterfall effect down the sides and flows to a fitting hemline. Looking this good has never been so effortless! The fabric is stretchy and the sizing is generous to cater to a range of body types. What’s not to love about this winter wardrobe staple?

Innovative solutions for textile waste on the horizon Did you know that currently, it's not possible to recycle textiles in New Zealand? With hopes of government investment in the near future, an NZ company called Usedfully are aiming to close the fashion loop by breaking down clothes that would otherwise be destined for landfill. The end products will be made into furniture, insulation, and roads. The benefits of this kind of initiative are numerous - reducing greenhouse gases, diverting landfill waste, and limiting microplastics entering the waterways. Here at Juli Hunter Eco Friendly Style, we pride ourselves on upcycling, recycling, and reducing waste wherever possible to do our part in closing the fashion loop. Whenever you support us, you’re helping to create a greener, cleaner, and kinder tomorrow. Cheers to that! Keep cozy and look forward to seeing you in store! Yours,


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