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July 2024 Newsletter

Winter is well and truly here! I hope the changing seasons have been treating you well. I've been taking time lately to reflect and work on treating myself with acceptance and kindness. I hope that you've been able to do the same.



This month I've taken $50 off all dungarees, bringing them down to only $119. This bargain is an online-only, July newsletter special. Use the code XXXX at the checkout for $50 off all of these special, NZ-made gems!

Upcoming sewing lessons include sewing on buttons (July 6th), visible mending (July 22nd), merino clothing repairs (August 3rd), and make your own top (August 17th). Beginners are always welcome!

An exciting update from the workroom is that we now make curtains! Pop in and see us or send me an email if you'd like to have a chat. 


We rely on Google for a large proportion of people "finding us". We'd hugely appreciate it if you could please take a minute or two out of your day to leave us a review!


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