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July Newsletter: Introducing My SALE Section! 50% Off!

Hello, everyone!

So nice to have you reading here. I hope that you're tucked up nice and warm somewhere with a hot drink in hand. And I hope that July is a beautiful month for you.

This month, I've introduced a new section on my website - the sale space! I've just added patchwork cushions, wine bags, badges, aprons, and more, so do check it out if you're after a New Zealand-made bargain. There are also some seconds up for grabs, as well as the classic mystery packs of undies and gloves.

Included in this month's newsletter is also a chat about brainwashing in the fast fashion industry, as well as why we shouldn't shy away from fashion as a political statement.

Happy reading!



P.S. Shipping is free for all orders over $50 to urban NZ addresses.


Perfectly cozy and versatile, these wool dungarees are made for the cooler seasons and designed to last for years to come.


Brainwashing in the fast fashion industry.

Fast fashion is an incredibly powerful industry and one that heavily relies on consumers wanting more and more, despite already having enough. As Remakeourworld explains, many companies began purposely designing products that would break easily and be expensive to repair during the Great Depression of the 1930s. This is called planned obsolesce, and is an effective tactic still used today to get consumers to buy more. The 1990s saw the rise of psychological obsolesce too, which is a popular technique used by big brands like Zara. This is when consumers are trained to think that products are outdated and should be replaced, and despite being perfectly functional. These two phenomena are fundamental to the success of the fast fashion industry.


Due to popular demand, I've been expanding our range of XL high-waisted undies. I'm loving the bright colours!


Is fashion political?

While some may want fashion to remain apolitical, that isn't the reality. As Sustainblychic explores, fashion is inherently political. Every garment that exists tells a story, whether it's one of human rights violations and environmental destruction or of conscious choices and change for the better. It's important to discuss the impact of clothing production and how this affects the world around us.


These knit dresses can be worn all year round, simply play with the accessories and voila! You're good to go. Stretchy and flattering, they're great for any occasion.


And finally, the sale section!

When you just love making and creating, it's easy to run out of room for any new creations! Anyone else? My sale section will be a permanent feature on my website from now on, including products that are reduced by 50%, at wholesale prices, and seconds. Keep an eye on it to grab a bargain!



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