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June Newsletter: $49 Mystery NZ Made Merino Gloves Pack, Today Only!

Happy June, everybody!

I hope you're all well and enjoying the cooler weather. Here in Wellington, the mornings are already brisk, so I've been enjoying styling different outfits, mixing and matching layers.

To celebrate the start of winter, I'm having a one-day-only sale on my merino gloves - get a mystery pack (2x pairs) for only $49!* That saves you $9, and you can get a pair for you and a friend. Perfect if you're after a gift, but want to treat yourself too!

And a quick reminder: if you order something from me and then share a post about it online, I'll send you a discount code for your next purchase to say thank you! Either tag me or send me a screenshot if your account is private. I'm so very grateful to everyone who shares the word about my small business!

Here in this monthly newsletter, you'll find a bit about what I've been making this past month, alongside tidbits from the sustainable fashion industry.

Happy June!

Love, Juli.

*P.S. Shipping is free for all orders over $50 to urban NZ addresses.


I've just finished making plenty of new, colourful merino gloves for this season! All made from either offcuts or merino clothing that's no longer fit for wear.


Leaving the house is an excuse to get dressed up!

Although people tend to dress more casually now due to working from home, leaving the house has provided the perfect excuse to dress up for many others. Wellington City Councillor Laurie Foon (founder of Starfish) explains that dressing up in clothes you love is an act of self-care. It's a recipe for success and confidence!


Undies don't have to be boring! Currently, I've got florals, paisley, stripes, and more! All pairs are either one-offs or made in small batches. The comfiest you'll ever wear - I promise!


Sustainable fashion or responsible fashion?

There have been big discussions lately as to whether "sustainable fashion" is a term that actually makes sense. Sustainability is all about being able to continue over time, whereas fashion inherently changes over time, and in today's world, does so with reckless speed. The term "responsible fashion" has been suggested to take its place, however, only time will tell if it gains traction.


I've been making my regular length gloves for years, but have recently had requests for longer pairs . . . and ta-da! These gloves will keep you perfectly snug and make it easy to remove a layer as the day warms.


Darning is defying all trends.

Darning has been around for centuries and was particularly popular back when clothing wasn't as easy to instantly replace. However, the current, growing interest in sustainability combined with lockdown boredom has darning is becoming popular again. It's described as "repair work as an art form" and is a great way to form a connection with the garments that we own.


Dungarees, $169

I couldn't let the month pass without making a few new pairs of dungarees! Aren't they fun? The blue poppies are my personal favourite, but I also love how bold the vintage pattern pair is too!


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