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Pre-Loved Clothing

At Juli Hunter Eco Friendly Style, we are passionate about moving away from the traditional take-make-use-waste way of thinking about products and consistently strive to find new uses for materials that would normally be sent to landfill. We see value in what others see as waste. And this value has benefits, not just for the environment, but for our customers as well. By re-using materials, we can create bespoke and sustainable products that are also affordable. By selling pre-loved items in our shop, we can offer beautiful garments while avoiding the harmful processes involved in the creation new textiles in an already clothing-swamped market. Take silk for example. We all love silk. It's luxurious, it feels delicate next to our skin, it falls in all the right places. It's also one of the most unsustainable textiles to make. The initial processes of harvesting silkworm cocoons contributes greatly to global warming through carbon emissions and uses large amounts of water and fossil fuels. Not to mention some of the negative social impacts caused by poor working conditions in low-cost countries where the majority of textiles are made. By collecting a range of pre-loved garments we can ensure our customers can still enjoy luxurious silk while doing our part for the environment by decreasing the demand for new silk textiles.

Stop by our shop in Mahara Place, Waikanae, and peak through our racks of stunning clothes, all pre-loved items sourced from recycle shops around New Zealand and given a little TLC. Because each item has been hand picked by our team, we only stock great labels, fabulous styles and luxurious fabrics.

Sustainable and beautiful. There doesn't have to be a trade-off.



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