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April Newsletter: Slipper Sale, Profit vs Sustainability, and Introducing Juli Eye!

Hi there everybody!

Welcome to the April edition of my newsletter! In here we've got a discount code for my recycled denim slippers (perfect for these chilly evenings or as an early bird gift for Mother's Day), a look at what's new on the shelves in my store, and a big chat about sustainable fashion.



Recycled denim slippers sale!

My special, subscriber-only discount this time around is for my recycled denim slippers ( They're comfy and warm, and each pair is totally unique! They are usually $49 and are now down to $39. Only available at, until 8:00 pm NZT Saturday 2nd April 2022.

Sustainability is so much more than a buzzword . . .

I wrote and shared this on Instagram earlier in March because I've been thinking a lot lately about what living sustainably actually means. Sustainability has become almost a buzzword in some spaces, and greenwashing is rife. For me, living sustainably looks different from person to person. This is because we're all different and walking along our own paths. What's important is knowing that you can show up wherever you are on your sustainability journey and that doing what you can with what you have is enough.

More upcycled upholstery goodness!

There are a handful of new purses and clutches ready now. I've been slowly working through my stash of many, many years and it feels amazing to be figuring out the perfect way to use each piece.

Profit vs sustainability

I recently read this article by The Peak magazine, which says, "For eco-minded fashion business owners, there is another big dilemma: At what point does encouraging consumption, no matter how green the goods in question are, become irresponsible . . . [it's] a funny situation to be in. Even though we want to generate revenue for ourselves and our brands, we still say, ‘Shop responsibly’.”

And this is a conundrum that I think about frequently. Businesses built upon the value of sustainability ultimately have to encourage consumption in order to survive. It's a bit of a contradiction, and figuring out how to reconcile profit with values can be tricky. Ultimately though, humans consume products either out of necessity or because they're looking for something. And so I guess profit and sustainability don't have to be mutually exclusive, because in a business sense they inherently overlap. Once again, I think it comes down to doing the best that you can with the knowledge and means that you have. It's impossible to be perfect, but "good enough" is entirely possible.

Introducing Juli Eye - personal wardrobe consultations!

If you're in a bit of a rut with your wardrobe, I would love to help you out! I am objective, so I can give a different perspective on how you look. I feel that most of us have such a negative view of ourselves; we predominantly focus on our faults. I want to help women to see all the positives. I want to help bring out happiness and joy every time we look in the mirror before we step out into our day. It would be such an honor to help you do this! To book in or for more info, send me an email ( or give me a call (02108351114).

New product alert - oven mitts!

Although my oven cloths are an old favorite, I've decided to expand and make oven mitts too. They're made from upcycled jeans with a wool interior layer to protect your hands. $49 each and are currently available in blue or black denim.

Secondhand stigma on the decline

One last thing I wanted to touch on is that I've been noticing that the stigma surrounding secondhand clothing and upcycled materials is rapidly diminishing. This is something to celebrate! I think it comes down to a variety of reasons, such as sustainability currently being "in", a greater societal awareness of the harm caused by fast fashion, and innovative fashion rental companies making pre-worn clothes something to be desired again. All in all, hooray!


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