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August 2021 Newsletter: $50 Off Wool Jackets This August!


Our fantastic wool jackets are on sale this August, down from $169 to only $119! Keep warm and cozy while enjoying sustainable fashion at its finest. This is an online-only sale and stocks are limited.

A dress for every season

Dresses aren't just for summer! Check out our range of sustainable dresses that are just perfect all year round. The stunning blue dress is made from pure linen, so it will last the test of time. The black and gold dress is 100% wool, so it's beautifully soft and warm. You can find our full range of dresses here.

Stylish aprons for the busy home chef

Zero waste at its finest! Have a look at our unique, intricately crafted, 100% linen aprons. These are made from upcycled vintage tablecloths and make wonderful gifts.

How COVID-19 changed the NZ fashion industry

After COVID-19 threw a spanner in the works, it's only now that we can see how the fashion industry has been shaped by this experience. Although things are different, they aren't necessarily bad. Customers are shopping online more than pre-COVID-19 times. They are also making more ethical choices, like choosing pieces that will last multiple seasons and opting for companies that treat their staff fairly. We're so proud to share these values here at Juli Hunter Eco Friendly Style!

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