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August Newsletter: Dopamine Dressing And 50% Off Slippers!

Hello everyone!

How is it August already?

Last month I had a stall at My Walk In Wardrobe's sustainable fashion market in Lower Hutt, and it was fantastic! They run markets all around the lower North Island and I definitely recommend heading along if you're on the hunt for any preloved, vintage, handmade, or upcycled goodies.

This month I'm trying to clear out some of my winter staples to make room for new things in Spring! So there's 50% off all of my upcycled slippers. There are only a handful of pairs left and I'd love to see them head out the door to be enjoyed!

Love, Juli.


Upcycled Slippers, were $49 now only $24.50

Slippers made from upcycled upholstery fabrics or upcycled denim that would otherwise end up in landfill. These make the perfect, unique gift this winter!


Investigations into fast fashion "eco-friendly" claims

Big fast fashion brands like Asos, H&M, and Boohoo are currently under investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority (UK) over their sustainability claims. Should they be found to be greenwashing (i.e. misleading customers about how environmentally friendly they are) they will face enforcement action. Long overdue!


Undies have been flying off the shelves lately and I'm so excited to share six new colourways that I've been working on, including these teddies and the rich teal!


Let's talk dopamine dressing!

Although it sounds made-up, dopamine dressing actually just means wearing clothes that make you feel good. The right outfit can trigger an instant mood boost and this is a leading area of research among fashion psychologists. While many people associate dopamine dressing with bright colours and bold prints, it can mean different things for different people. What one person might feel super confident in won't necessarily work for another. Simply taking note of pieces that make you feel lighter and happier is a good place to start.


This dress is just made for having a boogie! One only, size XS (8-10), and as groovy as they come.


Five new colourways of my knit dresses are here and I'm loving how vibrant they are. We have eucalyptus, royal, smoke, grape, and navy.


And finally, a huge thank you!

These one-of-a-kind floral corduroy dungarees and all pairs of jungle flower undies sold out within the day of landing online. I'm so grateful to everyone for their support and am over the moon that you love these creations of mine as much as I do! If you want more regular updates as new pieces go live, follow me on Facebook or Instagram to make sure you don't miss out.



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