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Flash Sale: 30% Off NZ-Made Fashion!

Hello everyone!

To celebrate my birthday today I’ve taken 30% off everything at!

This flash sale is only available online and ends in 24 hours, so get in quick.

Excludes gift cards.

Looking forward to all of the exciting things that 2023 will bring!

Happy New Year, Juli


We’ve got plenty of beautiful, bold, and super soft undies available to choose from.

All made from either cotton spandex or bamboo spandex.

Were $29 each, now only $20.30.


Gorgeous, sustainably-made clutches and purses for every occasion!

Made from upcycled upholstery scraps and vintage zippers.

Gift sets are now only $34.30 (usually $49) and small purses are now only $20.30 (normally $29).


Our mystery packs make perfect gifts, and best of all, they’re a surprise too!

Our 2-pack children’s aprons made from 1980s curtain fabric are now only $27.30, 2-pack silk scrunchies are now only $20.30, and 2-pack merino gloves are now only $34.30.

Best of all, our 3-pack undies are now only $55.30, which is less than the cost of two pairs of undies normally!


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