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Merry Christmas from Juli Hunter: December Newsletter

Hey there,

First and foremost, happy holidays to you all! Wishing everyone a Christmas of joy, kindness, and connection, despite these unusual times.

I know I say this every month, but November has been jam-packed. Truly! We've been run off our feet doing alterations and repairs (thank you, everyone, for choosing us to work on your beloved pieces!), and with Christmas fast approaching we've been selling lots of gifts too.

I opened our Chooice store this month, and while I'm still learning the ropes it has been fantastic so far. Sending our drape dungarees out to all over the country has brought a big smile to my face!

I rounded off November with the last My Walk in Wardrobe Sustainable Fashion Market in Waikanae for the year. I've been doing these markets with Julia all over Wellington, and it's so lovely to talk to people who love eco-friendly fashion as much as we do. Looking forward to more in the New Year.

To end with, if there are any last-minute gifts you'd like to order, we recommend placing your order by Friday 10th December to give your parcel the best chance to arrive by the big day. Couriers are run off their feet at the moment and are under a lot of pressure, so it's wise to expect delays.

Stay safe and Merry Christmas,

Although Christmas may look a little different this year, you can still get in the festive spirit!

We've made 100% cotton, reusable Christmas masks from fabric offcuts. Hopefully, they bring a smile to your face (even if you can't see it)!

Our classic pocket dresses have taken a summery spin in two new colourways - red floral and red flecks. Both fabrics were found at the Salvation Army Family Store in Kapiti - aren’t they just gorgeous?

Our dungarees have been quite popular lately, and it has been very exciting to send them out into the big wide world! We just love making them and have a few new colourways on the sewing machine as we speak. We've currently sold out of medium (14 - 18), but have a few size smalls (8 - 12) left.

Sometimes a thoughtful gesture or some kind words make the best gift of all. I’ve been experimenting with different ways to use our tiny fabric offcuts that are produced daily in the workroom, and I came up with these cards. The card itself is from old patterns that we no longer use, and the offcut fabric is sewn on. They're a lot of fun to make!


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