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November Newsletter

Our egg hunt

Do you have any lovely laying hens? We're on the lookout for eggs! We'd love to wholesale local, fresh eggs at the Eco Friendly Style Collaborative. We think they'd make the perfect addition to all of the other locally-made goodies in store. Please get in touch ( if you're able to help us out.

Let's keep the lights on together

With Christmas just around the corner, please consider supporting small, local businesses if you're able. Many small businesses are finding it tough at the moment, but your support means that the doors can stay open, that the lights can stay on, and that families can put food on the table. We're so excited to celebrate the holiday season at the Eco Friendly Style Collaborative, and would love to see you in store. We have flowers, beauty products, clothing, babywear, jewerally, art, and plenty more. Your support truly means the world to us.

New in-store

New in-store (and online) we have groovy bum bags made from recycled denim and upholstery offcuts. The upholstery offcuts are from my brother Dion, who owns the custom fabric covering business, Cover Me, in Upper Hutt. We love to share and pass along textiles to keep them out of landfill.

Dungaree dresses have also stolen the spotlight lately and are looking especially lovely on the gorgeous Amy. These dresses have a little bit of stretch and are great for everyday wear.

On the topic of dungarees, we also have a few new pairs. Florals have been popular lately, and we just added pink rose and velvet floral. They're swoon-worthy!

The sale rack

We have just two pairs of merino gloves left for the year, and I won't be making any more until next winter. They are still discounted to $19 (usually $29) and are perfectly soft and cozy. Great for an overseas Christmas gift!

Our sale rack still has some dresses available, all under $80 and NZ-made by us of course!

Lovely feedback

A lovely customer shared this feedback with me recently, and it totally made my day. Knowing that my dungarees work well with baby bumps is the best!

"Hi Juli, I just wanted to share that your dungarees are so great for pregnancy. I'm only 23 weeks but there's still plenty of space to let it out for belly growth. Had some people at playgroup comment on what a great design. Could definitely advertise as pregnancy friendly if you felt so inclined . . . people are always after nice clothes to wear when you're growing."

An ending note for my fellow local makers

I recently came across this post by Tasmanian store Spotted Quoll, and I think it will resonate with a lot of us. It's about the importance of unlearning what fast fashion has taught us about pricing and creating an industry where prices truly reflect the labour that has gone into making each piece. Very much worth a read.



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