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November Newsletter: Exciting News & 50% Off Zero Waste Aprons!

Hello everyone!

This month has been full of exciting news. I'm finally able to share that I'm moving my business to a new space (still in Waikanae), one with plenty of room to grow.

And that's not all . . . I'm transforming my old store in Mahara Place into the Eco Friendly Style Collaborative! This new retail space will be host to a bunch of amazing small businesses, all run by women from our local community.

If you're interested in having your products for sale in the Collaborative, please flick me an email ( telling me a little about what it is that you do. I'd love to have a chat!

Nothing will be changing location-wise just yet; you can still find me in Mahara Place until at least January 2023.

Happy November!

Love, Juli


Here's the logo for the Eco Friendly Style Collaborative! We should be all ready to go in January, 2023.


More dungarees are here! $169

The lovely embroidered cotton pair on the right are size M (14 - 18), and are available online. The other pairs on the left are all new and are currently only in store, so please pop in if you'd like to see them!


Zero waste aprons now only $49 (were $99)

For this month only, I've taken over 50% off my zero waste aprons, all made from vintage tablecloths. They're all beautiful, intricate, and make perfect Christmas gifts.


Patchwork is making a comeback

If you've been around here for a while, you'll know that I love patchworking denim and creating original garments from the patchwork pieces of others. This article by Forbes highlights how patchwork is on the rise within the sustainable fashion space, possibly due to its rich, historical ties.


Tea towel apron, now only $29 (down from $59)

This lovely Irish lion is looking for a home! Made from an 100% linen vintage tea towel.


Since Christmas is fast approaching, I've been making up gift sets of upcycled upholstery goodness for you to gift to someone special. Plenty of gorgeous, bold colours and prints to choose from.


I've said it before, but I'll say it again - my local Birthright charity store is a wonderful place, especially for hunting out textiles. These cute as-a-button aprons are made from 1980s curtain fabric that I found at the Birthright store. I got the fabric for my original, floral drape dungarees from there too.



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