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October Newsletter: Rad New Undies And NZ-Made Dresses Now Only $59

Kia ora everyone!

How is it October already? Bring on the warmer weather!

In this month's newsletter, we talk about the wonderful Repair Cafe Aotearoa, shoppers valuing sustainability more than ever, and of course the new undies I've been working on.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Love, Juli.


Cotton spandex dress, was $89, now only $59

My cotton spandex dresses are the perfect staple for every season and can be easily dressed up or down. The shirttail hem, batwing sleeves, and flattering shape make it a versatile, little black dress for every occasion. Only on sale until the end of the month.


Shoppers value sustainability more than ever

Research shows that New Zealanders are more sustainability-focused than ever with their purchasing habits. Almost half of all New Zealanders surveyed said that they would refuse to purchase a product unless the business behind it had a sustainable business model. Most respondents also agreed that both the government and businesses themselves need to be responsible for making changes. Good news all around!


Just check out this vintage fabric! Available in sizes small (8 - 12), medium (14 - 16), and large (16 - 18).


Repair Cafe Aotearoa's fundraising success

Repair Cafe Aotearoa are an amazing bunch who run pop-up events up and down the country to keep the art of repairing alive. I've volunteered at a few events in the past and enjoy each and every one. Meeting other people in the community, both the volunteers and those who bring items in on the day, is a real highlight because we all share the same values.

They've recently been fundraising to continue holding these pop-up events and for special tools, and I'm pleased to say that they've raised over $10,000 in just two weeks. Amazing work from the donors and organizers alike.

Please pop down next time a repair cafe is in your town! It's well worth a visit.


This one-off pair is really something special! Bright, bold, and playful, what more could you need for spring? Made from upcycled curtain fabric and surplus army fabric.


Fashion is an ecosystem

This fantastic article by Alyssa Hardy for InStyle really hits the nail on the head: "beautiful clothing that makes us feel something is what capital "F" fashion is all about. And while that's all part of it, there is more to the story. Fashion is an ecosystem made up of millions of people around the world. From the farm to the factory, the warehouses and the runways, so many individuals are part of what we see in our closets."


High-waisted undies, $29

The amazing House of Boom kindly passed along their cotton spandex offcuts to me so that I could use them for making undies. I really love how the small business community looks out for each other, and in this case, it makes the finished garment all that more special!



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