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Our Gift Guide From The Bottom Of The World

Merry almost Christmas!

Welcome to our gift guide filled to the brim with treasures from the Eco Friendly Style Collaborative.

We really enjoyed putting this together, and we hope that the creativity of our clever makers brings you joy this holiday season.

As we always say about choosing gifts from small local businesses - each gift is twice given! First to your special someone, and second to the maker who will be positively over the moon.

If there's anything that takes your fancy, you can either visit us instore at the Eco Friendly Style Collaborative at 6 Mahara Place, Waikanae 5036, or send me an email ( if you'd like to order online.

Everything included in our gift guide is by local creatives and makers across the Kāpiti Coast.

Thank you so much for your support this holiday season - it really does mean the world to us!


Baby bummie and headband sets by Polly and Maks, $29.90

Rompers by Polly and Maks, from $39.90

Dresses by Retro Tonic, from $49

Top knots and scrappy hats by Hoodscarf, $29

Tunics and vests by Made by Kim, from $39

Soap by Tauhou Beauty, $10

Merino headbands by Hoodscarf, $35

Hoodscarves by Hoodscarf, from $79

Gift bags by The Fabric Warrior, from $7.90

Medium clutches by Juli Hunter, $29

Tote bags by Haven Designs, $45

Teatowels by Haven Designs, from $39

Necklaces by Mukavaolo, from $30

Bracelets by Mukavaolo, from $29

Silk scrunchies by Juli Hunter, $19

Brooches by Juli Hunter, two for $9

Kid's shirts by Retro Tonic, from $39

Dribble bibs by Polly and Maks, $13.90

Baby knitwear by Dress Up Baby, from $59

Santa decorations by Eyecatcher Flowers, $4.50

Baby booties by Dress Up Baby, $19

High-waisted undiesby Juli Hunter, $29

Orba ghost sneakers by Orba, $149

Pottery by The Potter's Folly, from $26

Scissor keepers by Blanket Stitch Co, $25

Bookmarks by Blanket Stitch Co, $15

Gift cards by Juli Hunter, $6

Recycled denim apron by Juli Hunter, $79

Wall hangings by Eyecatcher Flowers, from $35

Jojoba oil by Duchess + Maisey, $25

Bunting by Mukavaolo, from $50

Vintage china plate stands by Petal Plates, from $30

Pouches by Blanket Stitch Co, from $39

Small pursesby Juli Hunter, $19

Bum bags by Juli Hunter, $59

Crossbody bags by Mukavaolo, from $25

Kids' apronsby Juli Hunter, $29

Charcuterie boards by Kāpiti Coastal Creations, from $90

Body butters, balms, shampoo bars, natural deodorant by Tauhou Beauty, from $13.50

Brooches by Di Connal, from $40

Artwork by Di Connal, from $45

Fresh flowers by Eyecatcher Flowers, from $10

Christmas birds by Retro Tonic, $6.50

Kitty cat sewing kits by Retro Tonic, $22.50

Door stops by Kite Country Classics, $45


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