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September Newsletter: $40 Off Cotton Knit Dresses

Kia ora everyone!

It's September! Yippee for spring!

We've got $40 off cotton knit dresses this month, a new, one-off pair of dungarees perfect for spring, and a chat about the intersection between sustainable fashion and affordability.

Enjoy the sunshine!



P.S. Shipping is free for all orders over $50 to urban NZ addresses.

Just look at this glorious green! Made with love using cotton spandex offcuts from the amazing House of Boom. I love the way that small businesses and ethical fashion brands look out for each other.


Check out our sustainability ethos

If you've been here for a while, you'll know that sustainability is at the core of all that I do. And so I finally got around to writing it all out - everything from sustainable materials, to building an eco-conscious community!

"We’re firm believers that fashion is not an isolated entity. It doesn’t just exist to the wearer. It affects everyone and everything around it, from those who produce the textiles and the environment they come from, to those who make the garment, to those who ship and sell them."


Spring dungarees, from $169

Dungarees are just perfect for spring! The floral pair is made from upcycled 1980s curtain fabric, combined with recycled denim patches. And there's only one pair available, size S (8 - 12).


The true cost of fashion

Mallory Ottariano, a US designer and maker, has recently shared a viral TikTok about the exact cost of making her clothes. She breaks down all the costs involved, including the fabric, pattern, zips, development, ethical labour, marketing etc., explaining why a) locally-made, slow fashion will always cost more than fast fashion, and b) why it's incredibly concerning to see $25 dresses on Shein. I've done a similar cost breakdown about my undies here, showing that the profit of each pair sold is only $4.95.


Cotton Knit Dresses, were $119, now only $79

Light and breathable, flattering and chic, these cotton knit dresses will be your best friend during the warmer months. Available in 8 colourways.


This is a great read about the intersection between sustainable fashion and affordability

"How can someone put sustainability first when they can barely afford a roof over their head and food on the table, let alone setting aside money for sustainable clothes? . . . So maybe we buy less, or not at all, or we avoid certain clothing stores as much as we can. Maybe we focus on mending, sharing and upcycling, and we support local makers. But there are some big hurdles that the economy, the fashion industry and the social institutions that uphold all of it have to face first before we can say goodbye to unsustainable fashion forever."


Our too-good-to-hide undies are also available in a mystery pack, a bit like a lucky dip! Perfect if you're after a surprise, just tell us your size and what style you prefer, and we'll sort the rest.


There's just one of these recycled denim, patchworked gems left! All made from denim that would have otherwise ended up in landfill.


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